In June 2020, Paul Frick who is also member of the electronic music ensemble Brandt Brauer Frick, joined Tangerine Dream as an official member.

The year before, Paul had played several shows with TD at venues such as RBB Großer Sendesaal and Passionskirche in Berlin or the Barbican Hall in London. Their 50-minute session together with Paul Frick at the RBB Großer Sendesaal was broadcast via the Berlin radio station Radio Eins.

Their latest studio album Raum was released in February 2022 and performed on their tour 'From Virgin to Quantum Years 2022'. The record entered the German Album Chart at #39 and the Official UK Dance Album Chart at #1 among others. Raum marks the band’s most successful release since the 1980s and was highly praised by the press. ('the best Tangerine Dream record in decades' - Resident Advisor)